Something magical happens when you enter master goldsmith Alessandro Dari’s atelier. Behind the doors of a historic Renaissance palace in the San Niccolò district of Florence is a space dedicated to the beauty and traditional techniques of the goldsmith. It’s a rare and unique space combining showroom, museum and atelier in one, filled with beautiful pieces of crafted jewellery.

Dari’s exceptional pieces are works of art - exquisite in design and execution. And if you are anything like me, before you leave you will be searching for any excuse to take home a memento for your collection.  Dari’s studio harkens back to a Renaissance atelier, rich in atmosphere and tradition. Cabinets of precious pieces are on display and the workshop itself sits beneath a wooden mezzanine cluttered with shelves of tools and raw materials. Florence has a long history of exceptional goldsmiths and Maestro Dari work is uniquely Florentine; these are not pieces you will find anywhere else in the world. The intricate detail of his crown rings or bejewelled crosses embellished with precious stones are irresistible. This is the place to find that special item to celebrate your love or life events.

Also, a museum with a large number of glass cabinets displaying stunning jewellery from past collections, in 2001 the workshop was given the illustrious title of “Museo Bottega” from the Cultural Ministry in Rome and its doors are open to everyone. Or if feeling inspired to design your own family jewels, Dari also runs trimester length courses in the art of the goldsmith with students based in his workshop who learn to create their own original pieces.


Photo credit: Raissa Damergi