The lovely people at Savoring Italy invited Lost in Florence to feature on a recent podcast to talk about two of our greatest passions: food and Italy!

Italy is renowned for it’s food quality, the seasonality and less-is-more approach to cuisine. Over a recent call with the U.S.A based website, we discussed life and eating in Florence and beyond.


In their own words:

Today we meet the lovely Nardia Plumridge from Lost in Florence! Nardia tells us all about her love of beautiful Florence and how she created her website called Lost in Florence. Nardia is originally from Australia and ended up in London to live and study. She first stayed in Florence for three months and tells us about her “Eat, Pray, Love” moment and the epiphany she had four years ago and why she wanted to stay.

Today with Nardia we talk about:

* Nardia’s first trips to Florence and her epiphany of wanting to stay there forever.

* Nardia’s Italian language journey, “It’s all about perseverance”.

* How Lost in Florence came about.

* The seasonality of the food in Tuscany.

* How simple and elegant the fairy lights are in Florence during Christmas time.

* Eating for hours makes complete sense to Nardia (and to us!!).

* Nardia’s advice for following your dream and moving to Italy (or anywhere you love!).

I hope you enjoy. Happy listening!